Welcome to BLijleren

Welcome to Blijleren

Hulp bij rekenen, Hulp bij begrijpend lezen, Hulp bij de Nederlandse taal & meer

Welcome to BLijleren

Welcome to Blijleren

Assistance with calulating, Assistance with reading comprehension, Assistance with the Dutch language and spelling & more

What BLijLeren can do for you

What BLijLeren can do for you

Remedial teaching

  • Every child develops in his or her own way.
  • I believe that every child can learn, but that the right ‘button’ must be switched on.


  • The student receives individual guidance by an experienced professional
  • The student receives extra guidance for the preparation of his/her Cito -test

Learning how to plan

  • Planning and organizing are the building blocks for making your schoolwork efficiently.
  • When there is no overview of the schoolwork the child often gets stuck.


“We have closed Ciska into our hearts”

We have closed Ciska into our hearts. Pauline, our daughter, has been struggling with math problems for some years and all other problems, including insecurity comes into play. She was recently diagnosed with dyscalculia. Since Pauline does not improve her mathematical skills at school the school has hired Ciska so that she can also provide extra support during school hours. And with result, only after one month of receiving remedial teaching Pauline has shown a huge improvement!

Every hour with Ciska is brilliant. With pleasure, passion for her profession and an eye for the species, she knows how to reach Pauline by combining learning in movement with the dry- mathematical material.This is a fantastic outcome for our daughter. Ciska is looking for a way to make learning fun again and knows how to give our daughter's self-confidence a huge boost. So, she can do it! Love her!

Eva en Maarten, parents of daughter with dyscalculia

“At the ANWB there is a helping hand for your car, for school this helping hand is Ciska.”

People say that no one is perfect, but there is someone at BlijLeren who really is perfect.
At the ANWB there is a helping hand for your car, for school this helping hand is Ciska.
As I got to know her better, I definitely came to love her. Because at BlijLeren learning became more fun for me. When doing mathematics at school I just have to solve a sum, but with Ciska it feels like gaming. She has all kinds of different math games, which keeps me getting better. Ciska is someone with whom I not only work, but also laugh. Ciska her energy is always positive which gives me an enormous boost. #lifegetsbetterwithCiska

12-year-old boy about BLlijLeren

“My daughter is very satisfied, feels security and regained her confidence”

I know Ciska as a committed and empathetic person. She knows how to pinpoint the needs of our child, cognitively and socially emotionally. In this way she can adjust her guidance accordingly, resulting in high effectiveness and good results. My daughter is very satisfied and feels security.

Ghazal, highly gifted class

My daughter's fear of failure has reduced. I wish every child a “Ciska” for his/her development, well-being and just the fun that comes with it!

I know Ciska as someone who has an eye for the qualities of every child and knows how to put this at use. My daughter feels really seen by her and accepted as she is. She has contributed to reducing my daughter's fear of failure and the fact that you may learn “how to learn” as a child. The importance of planning has been well discussed and what has been learned has been put into practice. And it works! With such devotion by Ciska I would have liked to have been approached in my youth. I wish every child a “Ciska” for his/her development, well-being and just the fun that comes with it!

Marion, fear of failure/ learn to plan

“Suddenly the light went on for him for reading comprehension and math!  

In group 8 our son received Remedial Teaching from Ciska. During the weeks he became more and more enthusiastic.
The atmosphere and positive vibe with Ciska felt great for him. He could work seriously and concentrated but there was always time for a laugh.
In addition, we noticed the positive effect at school, because suddenly, as the Dutch saying says: "the light went on" for him for reading comprehension and mathematics. Mathematics in particular suddenly became a kind of "game" and children in the class asked for his help, because he regularly did everything flawlessly; and we also saw these good results in the group 8 Cito tests.

Our son made mistakes by wanting to go to fast through the tests. Ciska knew exactly how to strike the right chord. She also helped him a lot in his working attitude, which as a parent is almost impossible to achieve with your own child. And with that she also gave him a lot of extra confidence in schoolwork. And that is exactly what we wanted to give him, on his way to first grade in this last trusted year of primary school.

Brother/sister at home were also very curious about Ciska; especially after hearing such enthusiastic stories about the remedial teaching at home. Our family loves Ciska! And we regularly receive a didactic tip from her concerning our other children too. We decided that our son will still go to Ciska next year so that he will have a great start at the secondary school in where Ciska can help him learning how to plan.


“My grandson has made great progress in reading comprehension in a short time!”

My experience with Miss Ciska is that she is a very capable teacher. Not only in her subjects, but in addition to her educational background she possesses and her natural gift to put children at ease. She guides them very well. She therefore has human knowledge that allows her to function as a child coach as well.
My personal experience of my grandson with her confirms all of this. He has made great steps in reading comprehension in a short period of time. I can wholeheartedly recommend Ciska for guidance!

Rosa, CITO-booster

”Indigo is vervroegd naar het voortgezet onderwijs gegaan en heeft hierbij ondersteuning van BLIJLEREN.”

Zij wordt elke week geholpen met plannen, waardoor de overgang van basisschool naar voortgezet onderwijs vergemakkelijkt wordt.
Ciska weet haar tevens te stimuleren en heeft een heel goed oog voor de gemoedstoestand en de zorgen van de kinderen die zij helpt.
Zij biedt Indigo elke vrijdag ook een uitlaatklep voor deze zorgen en frustraties.
Elke vrijdag komt Indigo opgewekt en goed gepland naar huis en kan ze rustig haar weekend beginnen, zonder de zorg van zich opstapelend huiswerk.
In deze tijden van grote druk op kinderen, is dat een zegen!

Indigo, Learning how to plan

Over Ciska – ERWD-specialist & Rekencoach

Ik ben Ciska. Ik ben een ERWD-specialist (Ernstige Reken-Wiskundeproblemen en Dyscalculie) en Rekencoach.

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